How to Sell how to sell EA seller process to sell digital products

  1. Refer to C/C++/Mql VeriSig example at .
  2. Add the source codes associated to VeriSig to your source codes.
  3. Access inventory for seller to generate public/private key pair(Only the public key will be displayed). inventory for seller inventory for seller

Public key generated by inventory

  1. Replace the value of APPLICATION_PUBLIC_KEY with the public key that you generated.

  1. Download C/C++/Mql compiler from and compile your source codes at . WEB Trader C CPP Mql Compiler

  1. Upload the compiled files(js, wasm) and the guide(txt) to inventory for seller and then create a product at seller dashboad. inventory for seller seller dashboard

  1. Fintechee reviews your product details and approves listing your product.

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